Monday, March 16, 2009


We're on night #2 of Ella sleeping in her big girl bed which means....

....we're on night #2 of Eden getting to sleep in an actual crib! :)
See, if you procrastinate long enough you won't have to buy another crib!
Seriously though, Ella is doing much better than I thought she would. I just told David that I feel a little mean b/c she hardly ever cried when we put her in her crib at bedtime but since we are only on night #2 (and she is in a whole new room) we've had to go back in and hold her for a while to calm her down. It doesn't take long, but it does appear that she is a bit scared. Hopefully she will eventually like her big girl bed as much as she liked her crib.


  1. That transition to the big boy/girl bed is a tough one... (Well, it was for us). If Taven is TOTALLY tired at bed time, then he'll get out of bed & open his door. We had to resort to keeping a gate in his doorway to keep him from wandering around (or OUT!) of the house at night.

    He's getting a little better about it, but we still have to keep quiet right at bed-time until he finally gets to sleep or he'll be at his door yelling for us.

    We missed out on only having 1 crib by a good while. These 2 are 20 months apart & we were pretty quick to get Bradey in his own room (maybe 6-8 weeks?). I know he was sleeping about 6 hours @ night by the time he was 5 weeks.

    Anyhow, congrats on the new era in parenthood!!!

  2. So put up some pics of the finished bedroom! I want to see the whole thing!

  3. It's ALMOST done. I don't want to post finished pics until David paints the flowers and lowercase "e" on the wall b/c that will make a huge difference. I had hoped to get all of that done last weekend, but then I got sick. I'll post a cute one of Ella at the window so you can at least see the curtains my mom made. SO CUTE!!!!