Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eden Update

I apologize for the lack of posting this past week. As many of you know, Eden was offiicially diagnosed with colic and that in and of itself makes life difficult.....not to mention my internet connection has been acting up all week and I have been unable to check or send emails. ANNOYING!!! Anyway, David fixed it for me tonight so I thought I would post a few pics of Eden before I head off to bed.

Eden's first attempt at the Bumbo seat maybe we'll wait a few more weeks before we try that again! :)

Thanks to my dear friend Cathy for stopping by on Saturday for a visit. Not only did she read a number of books to Ella, but she also brought me her sling and Baby Bjorn to try since Eden wants to be held ALL of the time! Good news....Eden LOVED the Baby Bjorn! Maybe now I can get some house work done. :)

He's a natural!
Precious one!
Ella Update:
I took Ella in for her 18 month old check up last week and she is a very healthy toddler! I'll post a picture of her tomorrow if she'll stay still long enough for me to get one.


  1. Eden looks absolutely NOTHING like Ella. They are like salt and pepper!! My precious babies....
    Love, NaNa

  2. I love the picture with her face all crinkled in the Bumbo seat!!!!