Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Outfit

I bought Ella some new jeans and an adorable little sweater at Once Upon A Child the other day and she looks super cute in them! She is now wearing 12 month old shirts and pants because her arms and legs are ridiculously long!!!

She wants to stand up so bad...but she hasn't quite figured it out yet.

This is her newest facial expression. She makes it when she is grinding her teeth together.


  1. Oh my goodness-I love that expression!! Cant wait to see you guys again!

  2. She is such a doll! Thanks for the Christmas card. Aubrey grinds her teeth together too and the noise is awful! haha

  3. I MISS YOU! Ella is so cute! I can't believe that it has been so long since I've seen her...and you. It makes me sad. Ella and Ava are looking closer and closer to the same age! How fun is it that we have daughters the same age?! Ava just started pulling up on everything she gets her hands on. I just know she's going to start walking before I'm ready for her to! She finally cut her two bottom teeth, now we're working on the top ones. I need a onesie for myself to wear that says 'I hate teething!'
    Love ya,

  4. She is so adorable! Not to mention y'all take some of the best pictures...HA!

  5. If you EVER wear a me!! I would drive far distances to see that in person!!! :) Love you and miss you SO much!!!!

  6. She is looking more and more like you Kaylane! such a cutie pie.