Sunday, December 16, 2007

Life Group Christmas Party 2007

I just wanted to brag on my sweet husband for a bit. :) We volunteered to host our Life Group Christmas Party at our house this year so David made pumpkin and gingerbread waffles for everyone! I made a breakfast quiche that wasn't quite as impressive, but overall, everyone had a blast and left full and happy.

Yummy waffles!!!

We moved the furniture out of our living room and then made a long seating area by lining up our dining room table and 3 card tables (that we borrowed from my grandparents) so that we would have a place for everyone to sit. It turned out really nice and the table was all decked out with garland, candles and Christmas lights.

This was the end of the table that was closest to our Christmas tree and the fire place. After everyone ate, we played a few games of Bingo and then called it a morning!

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  1. How beautiful!! Sounds like a blast!