Thursday, November 8, 2007

Guess who is 6 months old???

I took Ella in for her 6 month old check-up today. I just can't believe that she is half a year old! Below are her stats:

She weighed in at 15.5 pounds....which is in the 50% percentile....

....measured 27 inches long....which is in the 90-75% percentile....

....and had a head circumference of 17 inches....which is the 75-50% percentile.

She has no idea that she's about to get four shots!

Trying to help Dr. Shori hear her heart.

Aunt Ashley bought her a 6 month old birthday outfit and she looks SO stinkin cute in it!!


  1. Oh man, she's cute! It looks like she's nice and healthy with a big ol' nogan! I've got a big head so I can make fun of others with big heads. Thanks for sharing this blog with me. It's fun to hang out with you all while I am working. See you this evening!

  2. How cute! She and Robert can be the big heads;) Lots of smarts to hold!

  3. Hey - no making fun of my baby's big head! :) She gets that from her father I'm sure.....kidding!

  4. She's so cute! Don't worry Kenah was born with a huge head and she has always been the cutest little thing...I might add she's not little any more! Melissa

  5. I know we're always saying that Ella looks so much like David, but she definitely looks like you in that last picture!