Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ella's First Pair of Jeans

In honor of Ella turning 5 months old today, I put her in her very first pair of blue jeans and she looked ADORABLE!

If you click on this picture for a larger view you can see Ella's new look up close. She still sticks her tongue out all the time like a little lizard, but she recently started closing her lips and pushing her gums together. It makes her look like a little old man without teeth! LOVE IT!

Are you kidding me? Is there anything cuter??


  1. Girl, she is just precious!! Those jeans are too cute!

  2. Gotta love little babies in jeans.

  3. I love babies in jeans!!!!

  4. I'm so bummed that I'm not in Dallas anymore! Maybe Ella will make an office visit when I come up for a business trip. I'm sure the pictures don't come close to how adorable she is!!