Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our Home

We realize that many of you have never been able to actually visit our house. Therefore, I thought it might be nice to post some pictures of our home. The following are pictures of the outside of our house and of our living room and kitchen. Click on the images for larger versions!

And here is an up close and personal picture of the wine rack that is in our kitchen. This picture has been included for no other reason than that I thought it came out really cool.


  1. HOW GORGEOUS!!! Just stunning! I hope we can come down sometime and see it (and of course Miss Ella).

    What is the preachers daughter and son-in-law doing with a wine rack?!?

  2. We just want to be like Jesus...and he gave 6 big jars of wine at a wedding. :)

  3. The place looks great. You've done a lot since my last visit.

  4. I guess I'm down with that;)

    Hey----how is Kay? Is Ella still staying put?